A Note from the Organizer: Emily M Lippold Cheney


I am a Cooperative Organizer who was born and raised in the Midwest. Throughout the past eight years, I have worked with youth and students as we developed and ran our own cooperatives all over the country. While I was living out in Southern California and working with the Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative, I felt called to return to my Midwestern home to reconnect with my roots and strengthen the region's connection with the national cooperative community and its resources. The Youth Traveling Cooperative Institute was a program I envisioned after the powerful experiences I had traveling to train other young people in cooperative development in California and through my work with the North American Students of Cooperation. After explaining my vision for the program to a colleague in North Dakota, they informed me that what I was thinking of fit perfectly into the already existing and successful Kris Olsen Traveling Cooperative Institute program. Shortly after meeting with Northcountry Cooperative Foundation staff about the program, we set out together to turn the vision into a reality in 2014.

Outside my work with the Youth Traveling Cooperative Institute, I am also a Core Organizer with the USA Cooperative Youth Council (USACYC). I serve on the Boards of CooperationWorks!, a US network of cooperative developers, and the Data Commons Cooperative, which works to maintain robust and useful technological platforms for sharing information in the solidarity economy. You can find more information and links to some of my presentations by starting here.

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