Register and mark your calendars for Train the Trainers!

The dates have been set for both our Midwest and National Train the Trainers! These intensive trainings will allow young people in the Upper Midwest and across the nation to dive deep into cooperative education and, for the National training, community organizing. At Train the Trainers, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn cooperative history, philosophy and best practices
  • Try out democratic decision-making and assessing community needs.
  • Develop skills in  facilitating workshops and coaching

Participants will with the skills to start their own cooperatively run business, share the basics of starting cooperative with members of their community, and strengthen existing coops in their region.

Our Midwest Train the Trainers will be a multi-part training, with the introductory conference call on September 30th, at 7pm central time. This workshop is for young adults living in the Upper Midwest  excited to gain in depth knowledge of Youth TCI’s cooperative entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and conversion workshops, then apply the knowledge and get paid to do it! After the training, participants will be asked to facilitate workshops on cooperative education in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (or adjacent states - let us know if that’s you!). Sign up for this training and the September 30th call here!

 National Train the Trainers will offer the same opportunities, and more! This two and a half day intensive will offer young people from anywhere in the US a chance to develop expertise in both cooperative development as well as community organizing skills. Due to scheduling challenges, National Train the Trainers has been pushed back to February, 2016, and will be held February 5-7, in Minneapolis Minnesota. We’ll keep you posted on the details!

Like our other programs, both Train the Trainers are free for participants with sliding scale donations accepted with appreciation. Travel stipends will be available for participants living outside of the Twin Cities. Young people from rural or rural-serving areas will be prioritized.

We hope you’re as excited about these trainings as we are! Shoot us an email at  if you have questions and share our save the date with others who might be interested!