Youth TCI 2015 Update = More <3!

If you’re a young person and wanna be your own boss or have more say in your cooperative, the Youth Traveling Cooperative Institute has been and will always be for you. And, good news. The Youth TCI is poppin’ off in 2015! After offering one type of workshop in four states throughout 2014, the Youth TCI is expanding to offer trainings in two different areas:

  • Entrepreneurship: How to start your own cooperative business!
  • Intrapreneurship: How to make change and catalyze innovation from within a cooperative (e.g. as a cooperative staff person or member).

Trainings will be taking place throughout the Upper Midwest in partnership with city and regional organizations. Follow this blog for updates, check out this calendar for training times and locations, and like us on facebook to engage with our trainers and broader communities.

And, if you’re an older person and looking to sell your business (maybe you’re retiring?), Youth TCI 2015 is for you, too! Business owners have a tax incentive to sell their businesses to their workers through a Cooperative Conversion. These Conversions also offer you options for how quickly and in what ways to transition out of your business. Because many small business employees are young people, both consultations and trainings on converting your business are available through Youth TCI. Just get in touch to learn more!

It doesn’t stop here.

Youth TCI is going national in 2015 with a Train the Trainers intensive in November. Scholarships will be available to support young people from all over the country to attend a two day workshop that will equip them with the community organizing skills and cooperative entrepreneurship expertise they can use to either start their own cooperatives back home or help others do the same! Share our Save the Date with your networks. We’re beyond stoked about this.

For more information on all the available trainings and consultations, hit up our training menu here. If you or your organization would like a training or consultation to come to your town, let us know by sending a quick email at Training costs are covered by grants from the US Department of Agriculture and the CHS Foundation, but donations are accepted with appreciation.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch - Youth TCI’s program coordinators, Emily and Karen, are available to talk! <3