Take Care & Get to Know: Partners

To ensure the success for a regional program like this, it is imperative that the Youth TCI works closely with local and state Partners who work daily in the communities where the trainings are taking place. While the Youth TCI is run through an organization based out of the Midwest, the program and its organizer will still be unknown in many of the communities it visits. Knowing this, it is important that we have local stewards of the program who can help with community introductions and education about the area's history, industry, and culture.

Our various partners collaborate with us in a range of different ways - from simply providing email addresses for local contacts to full-on co-sponsorship with co-branding. Many partners have been generous with their time, insight, and access to their local networks. We are grateful for every kind of support and guidance given by these organizations.

As training locations are selected and dates are secured on the calendar, the list of local and state Partners we are working with grows. Future blog posts will be dedicated to spotlighting some of our partners, but check out our Partnership Page to get links to organizations that we are partnering with or seeking advisement from throughout the region.