Partner: Save the Wild UP

The Youth TCI's first partnership is with an organization in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that works to protect the natural and cultural resources of the region and its people. Save the Wild UP (or, SWUP) has been around since 2004, when a group of local citizens came together to address the negative impacts some aspects of extractive industries (e.g. mining) were having in their communities and on their landscape. You can check out some of the issues the are focusing on now here.

SWUP's partnership with Youth TCI comes at an important time for their organization, as they are looking to addressing head-on the role economic organizing has to do with protecting the natural and cultural resources of the UP. “A big part of saving the wild U.P. is making sure that young people have economic opportunities in their hometowns,” said Kathleen Heideman, SWUP president. “And we chose to promote a cooperative model because we feel enough executives have gotten rich off of the hard work of Yoopers. We’re honored to partner with such a well-established and successful organization to promote sustainable economies across the U.P. -- and hope to continue expanding our economic development work.”

SWUP will be co-hosting five trainings in the Upper Peninsula this summer! Remember to check our Calendar and Facebook Page for updated training locations and schedules, as well as check out the SWUP Facebook Page to follow all of their good work.