The Cooperator is a bi-monthly newsletter written and designed for the Boards of Directors, committee members, and other leaders of the resident-owned communities (ROCs) that NCF supports. The purpose of The Cooperator is to provide Board Members with valuable and timely information on governance best practices, foster connections between leaders from different communities, and provide leaders with content for their own community newsletters.

Print copies of The Cooperator are sent by US Mail to all ROC Board Members and community leaders. Those with email accounts also receive online version of the newsletter. NCF supports ROCs in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some of the content of the newsletter may be state-specific. 


Issue 1, 12/21/2016: updates to Fair Housing rules, NCF policy updates, Eagle's View project update

Issue 2, 2/1/2017: The Get-To-Know-You Edition; overview of NCF-supported co-ops and introduction to NCF staff

Issue 3, 4/5/2017: Understand Your Community's Insurance Coverage, new annual expectations, update on single family finance resources 

Issue 4, 6/23/2017: Hosting community events, ROC Summit leadership conference announcement, key steps to a 'project-ready' ROC

Issue 5, 8/17/2017: The Budget Issue; report on ROC budget trends and best practices, budgeting for faster internet speeds, the case for regular lot rent increases, budgeting for tech purchases.

Issue 6, 10/24/2017: Celebrating Co-op Month; home winter weatherization, updates on NCF's 2018 legislative agenda

Issue 7, 12/20/2017: Board communication, year-end celebrations & frustrations, ROC Summit recap, 2018 legislative session updates, cooperative solar updates

Issue 8, 2/8/2018: Introduction to G Suite, managing Accounts Receivable, planning community events, ROC Leadership Institute announcement

Issue 9, 4/11/2018: Succession planning, managing onsite staff, successful board meetings, ROC Property Taxes, Co-op Day at the Capitol, ROC USA Better Together Grants