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A resource page for leaders of housing co-ops

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Other Resources Worth Checking Out:

Curated by ROC USA, LLC, is home to several resources for members of resident-owned manufactured home communities (ROCs), including infrastructure improvement guides, management and governance guides, and more. In order to view ROC USA training documents, you must have a login and password.

Resource: Cooperative Resources Library
Curated by ACE Cooperative Association Network, the library is home to hundreds of resources for cooperatives of all kinds.

Resource: Cooperatives for a Better World
Cooperatives for a Better World is an online networking and resource-sharing website for cooperatives of all types.

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Community Building & Engagement

Communications & Marketing

Organizational Model & Structure

ROC USA Resources

Board Meetings

Basics of Making Motions [video] (

making a motion demo [video] (

Opening a motion for discussion [video] (

Discussing a Motion [video] (

Taking the Vote [video] (

Controlling discussion [video] (


Amending Motions [video] (

Proper Order for Handling Amendments [video] (

Consent Agendas [video] (




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