Northcountry Cooperative Foundation awarded grant through the Blue Cross Foundation


Minneapolis Minn. (June 29 2015) — The Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF) received a $40,000 grant from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation to help more community members reach their full health potential. The funds will be used support NCF’s transformative work of converting MN manufactured home communities to resident (cooperative) ownership.

NCF convenes with its peer ROC USA Network members in Delaware

Over several chilly days in late March, NCF staff joined staff from seven other ROC USA Network Certified Technical Assistance Providers (CTAP)s—nonprofit organizations from around the country supporting resident ownership of manufactured housing communities nationwide—in  Wilmington, Delaware to celebrate the closeout of a year-long market development initiative designed to widen the scale of resident ownership of manufactured housing nationwide.


As a result of the efforts of NCF's lobbying representative supported by NCF's funding partners, manufactured housing cooperatives will no longer be required to issue Certificates of Rent Paid to residents for a benefit for which they no longer are eligible.  As manufactured housing cooperatives are ownership projects and receiving preferential homestead tax treatment on that basis, the Legislature no longer allows lot rent paid in a manufactured housing cooperative to be counted as lot rent against which a Certificate of Rent Paid can be issued for income tax benefits for the community's residents.

Building upon this limited victory, NCF plans to undertake efforts in the next Session toward winning back CRP benefits for residents of cooperatively owned manufactured housing communities.  NCF believes that given the benefits to the larger community that manufactured housing cooperatives deliver - more stable lot rents, security of tenure, democratic governance and control, asset-building opportunities - that state tax policy should encourage not discourage residents' efforts to organize a cooperative.  Moreover, since the CRP benefit is organized on a sliding scale, the lowest–income households are the most negatively affected by taking the CRP benefit from residents of such communities.   

Five Lakes Cooperative Celebrates becoming Minnesota’s Newest and Largest Resident-Owned Community!

On a hot night in August 2014, NCF staff met amidst the red brick and stained glass of the Red Rock Center for the Arts with residents of Fairmont Estates, a 94-site community in South Central Minnesota, in the City of Fairmont.  After 25 years of ownership, Ashwood Communities, a Wisconsin-based manufactured housing community owner, had decided to sell its only Minnesota community.  Several prospective investors immediately submitted offers for the community, so if the residents wanted to play a role in setting their future, they needed to act fast.

Over the next month, community members met with NCF to learn more about their options. They considered the possibility that another investor could purchase the property and increase lots rents to an unaffordable level. Or worse, the land could be redeveloped and they would need to relocate. They liked the idea of having a say in how their community was run and the group unanimously agreed that it was in their best interest to explore resident ownership.

At the first membership meeting, 25 of the 94 households joined the Cooperative.  After a tied vote and a coin toss, the members decided to name themselves Five Lakes Cooperative after the five area lakes for which the area is known – Amber, Budd, George, Hall, and Sisseton.  The members elected an interim Board of Directors who volunteered their time and met weekly for nearly four months to achieve their shared goal.  Membership reached 48 households or 52% of the occupied households at time of purchase.  

On December 30, 2014, Five Lakes Cooperative purchased Fairmont Estates, in the largest number of home sites in a ROC Capital-financed transaction for the year.  Transaction-related development costs totaled close to $1.8 million.  

On February 10, 2015, again at the Red Rock Center, the Cooperative celebrated their purchase at their first annual membership meeting on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015.  One volunteer read aloud the Vision Statement that the members adopted in the weeks leading up to the purchase.  In a visioning exercise led by NCF, with each member grasping a length of a single 100-foot sisal rope, members shared their ideas on how to build and strengthen Five Lakes Cooperative. 

The Cooperative will kick off its first year of resident ownership with a Boot Camp Training sponsored by NCF and ROC USA Network on February 28, 2015, designed to build upon the Five Lakes Cooperative Board’s leadership skills in governance, financial management, legal and regulatory compliance, and operations.