Heartbreak for Eagle's View Residents

On November 22, 2016, the purchase agreement expired that would have allowed members of Eagle’s View, Inc. to purchase the Sartell MHP (163 lots) in Sartell, Minnesota. The deal was scuttled because NCF was unable to arrange financing for $1.5 million in water and sewer system improvements needed in the park.

NCF started working toward a resident purchase with the Eagle’s View board and members in February 2016. By April, the board had collected income surveys from 80% of residents and signed up 70% as members. Bad news arrived in July, when the engineer’s infrastructure assessment reported that a significant portion of the sewer and water lines would need replacement within two years.

All other requirements for the resident purchase were met, but grant or loan funding could not be found to fill the financing gap created by needed infrastructure work. With the expiration of the purchase agreement, NCF and Eagle’s View efforts of the last six months came to an abrupt halt. 

In spite of Eagle’s View members’ immense disappointment, they hope to benefit from relationships formed and community strengthened through the recent resident organizing efforts. NCF staff are inspired to work harder at advocating for state funds that could be accessed in the future by resident-owned communities who are faced with similar infrastructure needs.