USDA RCDG Grant Awarded!

We're excited to share that we recently received awards in response to both our USDA RCDG grant ($200,000) and our Socially Disadvantaged Grant (SDG - $175,000) applications.  Thank you to Naomi Lenz for making us aware of the Socially Disadvantaged Grant program, which appears to be a good fit for a number of our rural co-op clients.

RCDG provides continued operating support for our pre- and post-acquisition support to rural manufactured housing co-ops, support for our successful Traveling Cooperative Institute program, support of our manufactured home placement and lending, creating and improving NCF TA tools, and housing co-op infrastructure and special projects (for non-SDG-eligible projects). 

For eligible co-op clients (currently, Fairmont, Clarks Grove, and Madelia) SDG will provide targeted support to our special projects work (with Five Lakes to help them carry out a design charrette for a better storm shelter and support of NCF staff helping them apply for project funds; for Five Lakes, Hillcrest Community, and Madelia Mobile Village Cooperative, to engage vendors to better understand their water/sewer infrastructure and prepare for USDA community facilities or similar applications to address if/as needed.) 

This new source of funding - SDG - also provides support to NCF and our new partner, Cooperative Energy Futures, to support our efforts to develop a community solar array for the benefit of Hillcrest Community Cooperative in Clarks Grove.  (The project could also benefit from crowd-generated equity made possible by our community solar portal project seed-funded by Carolyn Foundation earlier this year.)  A special thank you to all of you who helped prepare the grant applications, to Paul Bradley from ROC USA for his support letters, and especially to Thekla Madsen of Madsen Communications, Inc. who helped us meet the exacting organizational and formatting requirements of both grant programs.